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I review computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, kitchen gadgets and tools. Almost all I know about computers comes from hands on learning on the internet on my own, no classes or college in computers. I have built a few computers on my own and do all the work for all the reviews I write, contacting the companies myself and asking for things I am interested in purchasing myself. I work hard to bring you my opinions of the things I review and hope you enjoy my writing.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TV Series Common Sense and Predictability

I love watching several TV series including the recent release of Falling Skies on Blu-ray but at times believe that the writers are just lacking common sense. One fine example is during the second half when the bad girl release a hostage to walk back to the fortified troops but the mech shoots the guy down in cold blood before he can stagger back to friendlies.

At that moment the white flag the girl is holding is no longer a flag of truce and I would have shot her through the forehead. As a matter of fact if I was the leader I would have instructed a couple snipers to take a bead on her and never waiver until she was out of eye sight, then when our guy was hot down, shoot her down in return.

Not a really great example as it does revolve around a specific plot but these types of scenes are frustrating but sometimes we do get our way, soon after this Tom does shoot the alien but he only wounds him, I would probably have shot him dead and see about consequences later. Just to make my point things writers come up with in TV shows does not always jive with what people would do in real world scenarios and sometimes its frustrating that they go so far from what common sense would do.

I just wish writers would think about what common people with common sense would do in situations and try to write plots and stories around that instead of working toward specific goals of plot and story. If they took into account more common sense and less plot points I think shows would be better liked and have more viewers.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beware Any Email

You just cannot believe any emails you receive nowadays, problems with your credit card, failed login attempts fr your bank accounts and now dropping scores on your credit report. What will they think of next. I find it rather sad that people get infected computers and hacked accounts because they click on links in emails from scammers and people just out to ruin a good thing but ti can be prevented with some common sense and good software.

Common sense says that any offer that is too good to be true and any email that says they are from your bank, website account or any one else could be faking it and trying to get your account information or login passwords. The same thing is true for your software security and this is where a good security suite like Kaspersky, Bitdefender or Trend Micro can come in really handy to block bad sites, stop malware and protect your accounts.

Don't be fooled into thinking someone has given you a million dollars for any reason and certainly don't fall for the scammers but protect yourself with a good antivirus and security suite as well. I have had no problems with both Kaspersky and Trend Micros security software and highly recommend both companies software.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work At Home Jobs

In my work and with several emails I get all kinds of offers and many of them are for work at home type offers that are really nothing more than scams behind the face of a legit business opportunity. Sure signs that websites are offering nothing more than chances at making the owners richer and yourself poorer are simple, when searching Google and numerous sites with almost the same name but variations are listed a warning bell goes off such as, PartnerwithTom,net and

Another sure sign is the numerous reviews of the same work at home or other internet get rich quick scheme that are available but form totally unknown sources that all seem like the same person reviewing his own product is very suspicious. The one that really clinches it for me with any website that I visit is I try to leave the website and get a popup that says Are You Sure You Want to Leave?, I run away clicking escape the whole way.

If a website actually has to work at keeping you there by using popup questions about wanting to leave they are not a good place to stay and you should leave. Nothing makes more sense than a website that begs you not to leave so you should do just that.

Work at home offers are numerous but very few are actually going to make you money without it costing you in the first place. Starting a website costs money and takes a lot of work but work offers that require you to buy a website package or other materials to start your job you should quit that offer and look elsewhere, it is not going to earn you money. Real jobs that pay do not require you to pay them first, jobs pay you not the other way around.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

KickStarter Piecemeal Businness Funding

I'm just amazed at the stuff, read crap, that gets put up on KickStarter and other crowd sourcing websites. Some of the stuff is good while others are just a joke but what really gets me is the ones where people are trying to nickel and dime their way into creating a business.

If you want to start a business then go whole hog and ask for the full amount you need or go home. It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund a product from idea to final production and only asking for part of that is a sure sign that someone does not know what they are doing.

If you want someone else to pay for your little project that's fine but have a clue and find out before hand how much something is going to cost. If your wanting funds for a creative work you have a much better chance of having a positive outcome but if your working toward a product then get an idea of how much it is going to cost from start to finish to fund it.

Don't ask for a few thousand dollars to fund a product when that is only going to cover the first sample piece, you are going to need tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for that first production run. If you don't believe me use the internet to search for it, you are going to be surprised at what you find.

To give an example that I found a die part for drinking cups cost about $60,000, figure out the math on how much it is going to cost to make molds or production equipment for your part based on that.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm Back

Thought I would try this again and see how things go.

Scams abound but nothing is more frustrating then getting so many emails with such terrible misspellings and bad language. Why do people try to pretend they are from a reputable company and can't even spell things like privacy policy or terms of service? Usually you can easily tell an email is fake by hovering your mouse over the links and looking at the actual URL that the link is going to take you to.

For instance we all know that PayPal is actually at so if you have something like or they are NOT the real paypal site so make sure you check this before clicking on those links.

Actually I never click on links in emails and always go directly to the sites from my browser, Google Chrome is my choice, so I know it is not a fake site.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Pays?

If your car has automatic parallel parking and it backs into another vehicle while automatically parking, Who Pays the Damages and Ticket?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Adobe CS5 is here, well almost

Adobe Creative Suite 5 is almost here, Adobe is hyping its main features and new components as I write this. At Adobe they are constantly working to improve things but these are totally awesome, background fill in so you can remove things and the program fills in the background for you so you can move or remove foreground objects.

A guy just selected a horse in a pasture, added background automatically and then moved/removed the horse with the trees and fence filled in behind the horse by the program with no cloning by the operator. Totally awesome tool called Content Aware Fill In.

More later as the launch of Adobe CS5 continues.