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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Two days and counting, plus or minus

We are just two days from closing, as long as all the last minute things get done. They are right now finishing the roof after having rushed to the last minute to start. We are not sure why the seller waited till this weekend to tell the roofer to go ahead but they did and we will see if we have a sound roof over our heads when we sign the papers.

We are not sure if the renter that was renting the upstairs is out as we did see him there today and he was supposed to be out by today but as long as he is not there on Monday that's fine with us. We do have locks and they will be changed right after closing. We will start doing things right away starting with locks and checking things out.

We'll make a list of things we want to get done right away but the first will be the electric and taking off the upstairs meter. The house used to be a duplex but we are not going to keep it that way. Actually the only thing making it a duplex is the two meters and a couple of locked doors.

The doors are simply going to be left open and the meter will go depending on cost. If an electrician can just remove that meter and connect the upstairs to the existing main service panel that would be great. I am hoping he or she can install a main service disconnect and I can work from there with the rest.

We'll see how things go after this weekend with what we have and what we can do but we have to first close on the house.

It is going to be a rough two days, closing will be about 4PM and it will be rough going through a full day just waiting around and packing some.