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Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving IN

We are almost done moving in, but not quite there.

We are almost out of our old home and have to clean it this weekend as well as move the last of our outdoor stuff, potted plants and things like that. Cleaning won't take long but we also have to move our stuff out of a storage unit. We were storing things in anticipation of moving and also have to move that in, not much room for it though upstairs.

Our garage is great, but needs work, and will fit most of the outdoor stuff and bikes as well as our collection of junk that we have collected over the years. My wife is really into crafts and has her own craft room and will have her stuff in the basement when we get to unloading the storage unit which has a good amount of her things in it.

We also have a couple of bench seats from our vans and other stuff that will also fit in the garage which is big. There is room for two vehicles as well as all our stuff once we get things organized. We will have to do some extensive work on the garage and have already started on the house with rewiring and fixing all those small things.

We will move the washer and dryer from the kitchen to the upstairs room that my wife is using for her crafts that was an upstairs apartment kitchen. It is perfect for her craft room as it has a sink and the power for her stuff that a kitchen would need for appliances. I am also going to be doing some work on the roof with adding vents and repairing siding but nothing real exciting.

I am really tired and have much more work to do. I'll write back soon.