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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TV Series Common Sense and Predictability

I love watching several TV series including the recent release of Falling Skies on Blu-ray but at times believe that the writers are just lacking common sense. One fine example is during the second half when the bad girl release a hostage to walk back to the fortified troops but the mech shoots the guy down in cold blood before he can stagger back to friendlies.

At that moment the white flag the girl is holding is no longer a flag of truce and I would have shot her through the forehead. As a matter of fact if I was the leader I would have instructed a couple snipers to take a bead on her and never waiver until she was out of eye sight, then when our guy was hot down, shoot her down in return.

Not a really great example as it does revolve around a specific plot but these types of scenes are frustrating but sometimes we do get our way, soon after this Tom does shoot the alien but he only wounds him, I would probably have shot him dead and see about consequences later. Just to make my point things writers come up with in TV shows does not always jive with what people would do in real world scenarios and sometimes its frustrating that they go so far from what common sense would do.

I just wish writers would think about what common people with common sense would do in situations and try to write plots and stories around that instead of working toward specific goals of plot and story. If they took into account more common sense and less plot points I think shows would be better liked and have more viewers.