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Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's free speech, but is it right?

I just heard a story on GMA, my favorite show in the morning, about a website called Juicy Campus. The site is fine for the people that want to joke and have fun posting stuff about each other but many are using it as a hate site and a way to post malicious content about others including racist, sexist and many derogatory things.

I think it is appalling for people to treat others like this but it is free speech. Its like a group of neo nazis protesting peacefully and without violence against others that you can pretty well guess who is. It is an atrocious thing to hate others based on their race, religion or even sex but they are speaking their opinions and that is one of the founding principles of our country.

We have to have tolerance for many things in these modern days but when does it become a fundamental right to promote and make it easy for people to hate others and ridicule things about them that are different. I think we should peacefully and with our own rights protest these types of sites by not going their even out of curiosity and definetely let our campuses and universities know what we feel about it.

If the campus lets people freely go their protest the fact that the campus is allowing this kind of racist and sexist behaviour on their servers that the entire student body is paying for. Your hard earned money that is paying for your childs education is going to a campus that allows the kinds of sites that we tell our kids to not go to and not to be a part of. Tell them you won't pay for them to allow students access to these sites, they can do it as part of their policy. They can make a rule to ban certain sites as part of their campus or university policy against hatred or racism, sexism or cruelty to others.

I understand it is free speech to be able to speak your mind, but is it the right thing to do. In the bigger picture we as human beings need to get along enough in this world to be able to evolve as people. If we hate and use our energy to put things down and make things worse how can we make things better on the planet we all live.

We have to get along, if we don't, wars happen.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Waiting for a PS3 game, but it won't be long. I have one on the way and a PS 2 game but they are not that good from the other reviews I have read. But this does not sway me from reviewing them on their own merit and deciding for myself how the games are. Stay tuned for that at my sites...

I also have some really neat high definition toys coming that will really add to my entertainment system. I'm getting an OPPO Upconverting DVD player and a Helios H4000 DVD PLayer for my wife. The Helios connects to a VGA monitor so I will have that for her in her craft room to watch movies on. She doesn;t really want to watch TV that much but does want to watch movies so I have these silly CRT monitors lying around so thought I would try to use them instead of just throwing them out. I hate to throw something that is still usefull but cannot seem to find much use for them. So I bought a DVD player that connects to the VGA of the monitor and now I'll see how it goes.

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