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I review computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, kitchen gadgets and tools. Almost all I know about computers comes from hands on learning on the internet on my own, no classes or college in computers. I have built a few computers on my own and do all the work for all the reviews I write, contacting the companies myself and asking for things I am interested in purchasing myself. I work hard to bring you my opinions of the things I review and hope you enjoy my writing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Pays?

If your car has automatic parallel parking and it backs into another vehicle while automatically parking, Who Pays the Damages and Ticket?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Adobe CS5 is here, well almost

Adobe Creative Suite 5 is almost here, Adobe is hyping its main features and new components as I write this. At Adobe they are constantly working to improve things but these are totally awesome, background fill in so you can remove things and the program fills in the background for you so you can move or remove foreground objects.

A guy just selected a horse in a pasture, added background automatically and then moved/removed the horse with the trees and fence filled in behind the horse by the program with no cloning by the operator. Totally awesome tool called Content Aware Fill In.

More later as the launch of Adobe CS5 continues.