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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beware Any Email

You just cannot believe any emails you receive nowadays, problems with your credit card, failed login attempts fr your bank accounts and now dropping scores on your credit report. What will they think of next. I find it rather sad that people get infected computers and hacked accounts because they click on links in emails from scammers and people just out to ruin a good thing but ti can be prevented with some common sense and good software.

Common sense says that any offer that is too good to be true and any email that says they are from your bank, website account or any one else could be faking it and trying to get your account information or login passwords. The same thing is true for your software security and this is where a good security suite like Kaspersky, Bitdefender or Trend Micro can come in really handy to block bad sites, stop malware and protect your accounts.

Don't be fooled into thinking someone has given you a million dollars for any reason and certainly don't fall for the scammers but protect yourself with a good antivirus and security suite as well. I have had no problems with both Kaspersky and Trend Micros security software and highly recommend both companies software.


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