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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Programs that Work

I have been using LargeSoftware Password manager since I received it for reviewing and it is still working extremely well. It has kept my 40 to 50 passwords for accounts, website log ons and forums without any problems that did not automatically recover. A few times when the program has a fault and shuts down I just restart it and it works like a champ.

This is one program that I highly recommend as a long term password manager that continues to do exactly what it is supposed to. Another program that I recently found is by Stardock called Fences that organizes your desktop icons for Windows.

Fences places labeled or unlabeled boxes on your desktop to contain your icons. You can create as many boxes as you want, resize the boxes, change the background and turn it partially or fully transparent as well as expect it to work all the time. I have had my explorer shut down and had to restart it without Fences having to restart or not work correctly. Fences recovers and works right off the bat everytime I have had problems with my computer without a hitch.

LargeSoftware and Stardock have really done a great job with Password Manager and Fences, check them out at the websites for their developers.