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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work At Home Jobs

In my work and with several emails I get all kinds of offers and many of them are for work at home type offers that are really nothing more than scams behind the face of a legit business opportunity. Sure signs that websites are offering nothing more than chances at making the owners richer and yourself poorer are simple, when searching Google and numerous sites with almost the same name but variations are listed a warning bell goes off such as, PartnerwithTom,net and

Another sure sign is the numerous reviews of the same work at home or other internet get rich quick scheme that are available but form totally unknown sources that all seem like the same person reviewing his own product is very suspicious. The one that really clinches it for me with any website that I visit is I try to leave the website and get a popup that says Are You Sure You Want to Leave?, I run away clicking escape the whole way.

If a website actually has to work at keeping you there by using popup questions about wanting to leave they are not a good place to stay and you should leave. Nothing makes more sense than a website that begs you not to leave so you should do just that.

Work at home offers are numerous but very few are actually going to make you money without it costing you in the first place. Starting a website costs money and takes a lot of work but work offers that require you to buy a website package or other materials to start your job you should quit that offer and look elsewhere, it is not going to earn you money. Real jobs that pay do not require you to pay them first, jobs pay you not the other way around.