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Monday, July 21, 2008

StarGate: Continuum

StarGate: Continumm is almost here and is a must see for StarGate and Sci-Fi fans, its a great movie with all the elements that make a movie really good.

The actors all are very comfortable in their parts and really enjoy what they're doing, some more than others by the joking and behind the scenes shots. The directors and producers have all their skills honed after years of working with the same story, set, crew and actors but have not lost the edge they need to still come out with enjoyable entertainment.

The story is there with plenty of action and a wealth of extras on the DVD for anyone to enjoy with how they shot on such a tight budget and the remote location shots in the Artic.

I hope they continue this great tradition of movie making with more StarGate movies and the series Atlantis.

Sadly one of the great actors that was a part of seven seasons of the StarGate: SG1 show has passed recently.

Don S. Davis who played George Hammond passed away recently and will be missed by all his friends and fans.