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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Appraisal is Done

Our appraisal is done and we are good for our closing one week away.

We got our appraisal and it looks like we are ready to go with the closing except for a few minor details. One thing we are waiting for is a survey that was being mailed from the current owner so we can see where the garage sits on the property. If it is over the property line we will have to do some more paperwork but the seller also owns the house next door that the garage would be on so we have no problems with getting ahold of them.

We also have to get two things done with them, one is an agreement for the repair if needed in the future for the common sewer Drop Box that our home and the next door home uses for the main sewer line. Both homes sewer lines go out to the center of the yard between the homes and into a brick and concrete box then to the street. In the future if any work needs to be done on the box or main line to the street we will split the cost and we just need some paperwork spelling this out.

They have also rented out part of the garage with the house next door and we need to come to some agreement as to how they are going to handle this as we would like to use all of the garage or get some kind of payment if the neighbor is still going to use the garage but that's just small stuff.

One week and cunting, now for a few sleepless nights worrying and waiting.