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I review computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, kitchen gadgets and tools. Almost all I know about computers comes from hands on learning on the internet on my own, no classes or college in computers. I have built a few computers on my own and do all the work for all the reviews I write, contacting the companies myself and asking for things I am interested in purchasing myself. I work hard to bring you my opinions of the things I review and hope you enjoy my writing.

Friday, February 29, 2008

That one day every few years.

Welcome to the one day that only happens every four years, Leap Day.

Strange how they can add up all those little problems in astroogical events and stellar drift and what not and say one extra day every four years equals it all out.

Makes one wonder if we could change things in our lives by just doing something totally different for one day and it could change four years. Maybe...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Technology

All the new technology and just not enough money to purchase it all.

I would love to be able to afford all the new kinds of stuff available today, but the pocket book just does not have enough in it. I did purchase a new monitor and am looking into a new TV but with all the new things coming out there just is not enough money to go around. I am saving up for a PS3, sort of, and will be getting the cheapest one available, the Spiderman one.

I get Wii and XBox 360 games to review from both the manufacturers and post on Associated Content as well as my part time writing gig at Game Chronicles and take these very gently used games to Gamestop for the trade in value. Although some games I have reviewed would make better doorstops than games they do add up and I am close to getting that PS3. If nothing else it will make a nice Blu-Ray disc player for my TV so I just can't wait to be all in for the current consoles. If you think this is great think again, as most of the XBox 360 games I have received have either gone to Gamestop or my son wants.

I just cannot get the hang of a first person shooter with that stupid controller. I am totally clueless as to why MS does not make a better one for FPS games or allow someone to make something that works just like a mouse and keyboard. Sure the XFPS does work pretty well but not as good as a mouse and keyboard so most games are just not the same on the XBox 360 for me as the PC.

Technology aside I think we need to have better quality stuff instead of more and in gaming this is certainly true. Why do publishers toss games out that are half done when they could make a killing by delaying it and making a really good game? Ours not to reason why, just to review and add up those points.

Have a great week.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jury duty pending

I have jury duty this week, last one for my two month assignment. I got three letters and in my county you call in the night before and only go in if they call your number. The first letter I got I went in and answered a few questions from lawyers on each side but didn't get placed on a jury.

Two weeks later I didn't have to go in after the phone call but this last time I get to see tomorrow. It's a real interesting process and I think one that everyone who is a citizen should have to do, just to see how the process works. One comment I found on the Internet was everyone who is going through jury duty has no clue what is going on yet we are all there for the same thing, to decide the fate of someone else.

At least the county clerks, bailiffs and judges help you out while things are happening and even tell you if you not to come back or worry about anything unless you get another letter. The personal part of answering questions to the lawyers was no big deal but I found it funny that some people want to get out of jury duty so desperately when they have no idea what happens there.

Some people just don't know how good they have things, to be able to help the justice system out a little bit by a few hours or days of your time is no big deal when you consider the alternative, turn the tables and ask yourself this question.

Do you want your fate decided by people who just could not come up with a good enough exscuse to get out of jury duty?

I would rather have people there that feel a civic responsibility to decide something as important as the rest of my life.