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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Okay, its been a month since I last posted and wanted to see if anyone would miss me, possibly not.

I was going to just let this drop but we'll see if we get any interested or if it's only you Ken.

Blu-ray movies are such a mixed bag it is not funny. One one hand you have the disc that can hold a couple of movies or a movie and a ton of additional features and on the other hand you have BD Live.

BD Live was supposed to be this great new feature of movies where they could add stuff after the movie shipped that was relevant to the movie as well as content that came after. Movie awards and other things that add to the movie like actor, director and producer goings on after the film version has shipped out on disc but still stuff the viewer may be interested in. BD Live has been a flop as far as I am concerned and I have to say I am disappointed.

Sony and Disney have hyped it and Disney is the only one to do much with it other than show trailers of other films. Disney did a great job with the reward system using games as a way to earn points toward purchasing more bonus features, avatars and other things but there is still not much else to get on any BD Live features.

If this is going to be such a great new entertaining way to get more out of a disc, please make it worth my while to put the disc in and use the feature. How about some new stuff on the movie like special features of the sequels or about the actors new movies they will be working on.