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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Black & Decker Airless Sprayer Pro

What a week, first I go on a mini vacation that involves hiking around pointing out the wildlife to my wife and son to shoot with their cameras. Fun stuff as I enjoy hiking in the woods and all but I was the one who found all the wildlife as it would seem I am the only scout in the family. Tree frogs and snakes do not apparently jump out at my family to have their pictures taken, so I have to hunt them down and point them out to my less sharp eyed family members.

Then we go to our sister in laws new cabin that is being built and help them start the interior finishing and what a job. They decided to have the exterior professionally prepped, stained and sealed to save on the work but we did the interior, or started.

First you have to sand down any rough spots and then coat with sanding sealer, then apply the polyurathane top coat.

Thank heaven for the B&D Airless Sprayer Pro 5.5, this little gem saved the day and we did one large room and a couple of smaller ones with the sanding sealer in half a day. The paint sprayer was so very easy to use and worked like a champ for the whole job.

The sprayer is so easy to use by one person, you hold the paint can in one hand with the hose in it and sprayer in the other and paint away. I did some painting aropund the house when I checked out the sprayer but nothing like this and it works great.

I really do recommend the Black & Decker sprayer for an easy to use and clean sprayer for any jobs that you don't want to rent a bigger spray gun. This worked very well for the water cleanup sanding sealer, now we'll just have to see about the rest.