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I review computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, kitchen gadgets and tools. Almost all I know about computers comes from hands on learning on the internet on my own, no classes or college in computers. I have built a few computers on my own and do all the work for all the reviews I write, contacting the companies myself and asking for things I am interested in purchasing myself. I work hard to bring you my opinions of the things I review and hope you enjoy my writing.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's the weekend, darn.

I don't look forward to the weekends as much as I used to. I have a really odd schedule and it just never works out like I want to on the weekend.

During the week its like Christmas when the deliveries arrive and I get to open up that new gadget or gizmo and they just don't ship stuff on weekends, oh well.

I usually end up doing some catch up work or work at my wife's daycare to help them out, nothing much but things like hanging paper towell holders or today's job of hanging a new cash box on the wall and fixing a cabinet. I also get to install a new toy for the kids on a computer, its called a Comfy keyboard. It's a special keyboard that doesn't have numbers and letters but a phone, shapes and animals so kids have a neat computer game that is geared for toddlers and not older kids who understand their alphabet. I will install it and my wife can report on how much the kids like it.

In our town the local Walmart is starting a new store, a super Walmart and closing the smaller one, so big deals are to be had. The old store stopped stocking things a few weeks ago and they are trying to sell out most of the stock so they don't have to deal with moving things. Half the store is marked down in red and the rest will be going the same way soon so its going to be an interesting time at that store for a few weeks.

Well, I have to get ready to go to work at the daycare, bummer.

Friday, February 22, 2008

TV in the Future

I woke up this morning and thought about my evening last night and realized suddenly that I had seen the future of television and the family.

My family has a computer for everyone as well as a few TV's. I have two PC's almost side by side for my work and while one was running some benchmarks for an ATI 3870 graphics card from Visiontek I was watching old shows of Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsey. My older son was watching some other shows on his computer while my wife did some work for her daycare on hers. My youngest son played or chatted on his computer, the oldest of the bunch with Win Xp but still useable, while he watched the HDTV.

This seperation of family members to watch TV on their computers or the bigger HDTV is how the family will be doing their evening entertainment in the very near future, if not already. Sure we will get together to watch the occasional movie together but we will also seperate and watch what each one wants in the comfort of their own room and perfectly contoured desk chair.

I enjoyed last evening and watching the show while my other computer chewed on graphics frame rate tests and eveyone else did their own thing according to their own tastes and wishes. I can see this happening all across America already but very soon this will be a common occurance in most homes as well. Everyone has different tastes and to be able to pick and choose exactly which show you want at the moment instead of the couple that are available from the local analog broadcast signals is great and I really have started to appreciate and enjoy the shows you can watch even if they are older and on a smaller screen than regular TV.

I can easily see this as what TV will be, no more having to settle on what the majority wants, you don't want to watch what Mom and Dad want just hop up to your room and pick a movie or show from the internet and enjoy. Cable TV and even Blockbuster will be a thing of the past or an internet subscription service that you stream videos and movies on. Actual DVD movies will be the ones you buy at Walmart or ones you make yourself from the downloaded content.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waiting Patiently

Hello, and welcome to my blog, I intend to keep up on this more now that I have started my own website. I'll link this here and that there and all that stuff.

I have been really busy and with the big kickoff of my recent website and all the other reviewing I have been doing but I have let this slip into the cracks.

Currently I am doing some great reviews on some interesting products and have others on the way. I am receiving a new monitor that I purchased, UPS says it is out for delivery so I am waiting for the knock at the door. Waiting patiently, waiting, okay, maybe not so patiently.

Every time the UPS, Fed EX or DHL comes to the door its like Christmas all over again. I enjoy opening the products and getting my first look at things. I get that giddy feeling like I used to when a present was given to me and I couldn't wait to see what it is.

I have some great projects coming up like getting my website all in order and all my back reviews posted, but not all the ones from Associated Content. I started writing for them last year and did not include the non-exclusive for the articles so they own them. You can check them out on that site but my current ones will be duplicated on both sites. I will have more stuff to add to my Jeffs Reviews site such as product updates, problems with things over time and upcoming reviews so check back often to both.

Well, the day has already started well with a new faucet from Moen so I have other things to do.

Have fun.