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Saturday, August 16, 2008

BigFoot Real or worth a Milliion Bucks?

Many of you may have heard of two Georgia men, officers of the law no less, who found a dead Bigfoot and stuffed it into a freezer, then sent blood samples to a entomologist in Minnesota for proof of their discovery.

I just ran across an interesting article in the current issue of Field and Stream Magazine which led me to a website,, that has a contest for pics of the elusive hairy little sucker that is worth a million dollars. Field and Stream will pay $1 million for a verifiable photo of sasquatch and then the magazine will reap the rewards on their pages.

Well, I guess since they have no proof other than some anonymous University of Minnesota professor that has some funny results from stuff he got sent that the proof is literaly in the pudding, if that is what they sent him. Why did they have a news conference in Palo Alto California when they found the thing in Georgia and sent their evidence to Minnesota?

Kind of boggles the mind why they would spend so much on postage costs and travel expenses. Plus, why send evidence to some remote University when Georgia has plenty of good schools locally that they probably could have driven a sample right over to for testing.

I think they are after the big bucks of publicly by defrauding the whole country and making some real publicity for themselves instead of really working for a living.

Kind of sad when you think about it, would you want to be the kids known as the ones whos dad's mad such a fuss over stuffing last years Halloween party costume into the garage freezer and saying it was Bigfoot.