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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Starting up again &

I thought I would start up my Blog again and see if there is anyone listening.

I just received an interesting email and wanted to share it, this is an advertising type release from

All you do is send them a few hundred CD's or DVD's and they will send you an iPad. Sounds simple right? They are making a fortune at this I am sure.

It' all in the math, 220 unscratched CD's or DVD's will get you an iPod Nano 8GB with AM/FM radio. You send them 220 store bought CD's or DVD's with jewel case or DVD case and they will send you an iPod.

Now lets do the math and see if you really want to do this or head directly to your local music store to cash in there.

220 used CD's at lets say $1 a piece will net you $220 for a trade in. I have traded CD's for more than this and several DVD's for much more, $3 to $5 for current ones. But for simplicity we'll stick with a nice round figure of a plain dollar.

A new iPod Nano 8GB costs about $125-$130 from the many places you can purchase them and we will be generous with the top figure of $130.

Add a few dollars for shipping and handling, say $15 and the site that offers this great deal is making about $75 or more.

$220 trade in value-$130 cost of iPod Nano+$15 S& H = Profit of $75

Any more they can sell their CD's or DVD's wherever they are selling them at makes them even more money. I have seen a local buyer of DVD's and CD's easily pay me cash in hand $3 to $5 a piece for discs as long as they are in good shape. At $2 a piece for someone to buy my good CD's would net this website $295, not bad for having a store somewhere selling used CDs and DVD's with a few minutes of handling and shipping in between.

I recommend you go to your local used music store and cash in those CD's & DVD's without the hassle ans fuss of shipping. I have heard of several reputable stores that easily pay cash or simple checks for even slightly scratched CD's and DVD's.

Everything you are told is not always the good deal it sounds like so think hard before jumping into so called deals.