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Friday, May 16, 2008

Solid State Drives Price Now in Affordable Ranges

SSD's or Solid State Drives, not to be confused with STD's which are not hardware, are the newest technology and are finally coming down in price. You can go to Newegg right now, I really don't know how long this phenomenon will be around, and buy a 128 GB SSD for $3,049 or a newer 120 GB for $669.

Is that a great price difference or what? Across the board Super Talent has lowered the price of the newest technology in their line of three new SSD's and makes them now affordable with prices from $299 for a 30GB to the $699 for the 120GB drive.

This brings the prices now in the range of some of us and makes it possible to at least purchase solid state drives for our operating systems so that we can have the super speeds and reliability that all electronic drives brings. I can surely see a day soon, this year?, when solid state drives will be the same price or even beating the price of mechanical drives. After all you can purchase a really good SCSI drive for about the same price as a much better Super Talent SSD.

Ain't technology wonderful.