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I review computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, kitchen gadgets and tools. Almost all I know about computers comes from hands on learning on the internet on my own, no classes or college in computers. I have built a few computers on my own and do all the work for all the reviews I write, contacting the companies myself and asking for things I am interested in purchasing myself. I work hard to bring you my opinions of the things I review and hope you enjoy my writing.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Whew, repairs on car done.

I started having this problem on my mini van and found out this is a common one.

The serpintine belt slipped off the pulley's and I had to stick it back on out in the cold and snow. This happened again a few hours later and I searched the internet for an answer and found a really good one.

It seems on many Caravan's, Voyager's and Town & Country mini van's of certain years, about 1993 to 2000, the serpintine belt comes off easily and will continue to slip off freely once it starts doing this.

The fix is installing a different pulley and tensioner that is ribbed instead of a smooth one, Gates has both sets, as well as a new double sided serpintine belt. The belt and parts is about $200 and the job will cost about that much or less depending on where you are. I did it myself and found it quite easy but it is a bit of a difficult job.

A few hints that may help are using the old belt to hold the wrench that pulls the tensioner with your foot. This way you have both hands free to work inside the engine to put on the belt. Several people said you have to use the alternate method to get the new belt on of putting the belt on the water pump last but I found it easy enough to put it on the idler pulley last as long as you use a ratcheting wrench to pull back the tensioner.

It worked like a charm after I bought all the parts and the proper tools to get the job done correctly. You can always do a good job with the correct tools and having them handy and where you can find them makes a big difference.

If you have a problem look on the internet for an answer, you never know what you'll find.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I just love flat tires!

I hate working on my car when I can't find out what's wrong, at least with a flat tire you know there is something stuck in it or wass stuck in it.

You can easily see a hole or find it with a garden hose and air inside the tire. Many other things with a car are a bit harder to find but with some quick internet searching you can quickly and easily find out what to do or at least where to start looking.

That is what I just love about the internet.

Years ago when I had a problem with my vehicle I would go to the library and pour over their Chilton's and other repair books for some clues but now we can so easily search the internet to find out what is wrong what to do about it and even how much we can expect to pay. The same things is true about most everything we deal with i our daily lives that others have problems with as well.

If you have a problem with anything in your life and want an answer, try looking on the internet for an answer, if someone else has come across the same thing maybe they have put their same problem on the internet and a possible solution.

From cars to toasters and even personal relationships there are websites and search engines to help you find out solutions to all of life's problems, even personal and family ones.