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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some Great Movies

I have recently been watching a lot of movies, a lot for me is more than say five a week. And by watching them I mean actually sitting down on the couch, doing nothing but watching the movie and not working while watching.

I have seen some really good movies including Dan in Real Life, Hitman and Enchanted. I enjoyed Hitman as they did a superb job of taking the games style and storyline and equating it to a movie that held interest and gave the guy a purpose other than to just off people for the money. The story led somewhere and not only told the what, how and why of what he does for a living but gave some insight into his soul as a person, even if it is hard one.

Enchanted was a fantastic Disney classic with all the right ingredients for a hit film of music, comedy and great acting from real characters as well as the cartoon portions. They did a fine job of blending the two areas of film and combining them in only the way the real Disney could have. I really miss the old style of Disney when he was alive and it is a shame that his family ruined the company with all the fuss over his legacy.

Dan in Real Life was a great story about a person living his life like so many of us and just getting that one chance at a little happiness. The guy is struggling so hard just to keep everyone else in his life happy instead of himself and finally gets to meet that special someone only to find out she is already taken. The acting is great in that real life way that only some actors can have come across in the big screen that we know really happens to so many people.

Some of the movies I am also looking forward to seeing are AVP Requeim and National Treasure 2. I love how the Aliens movies have always been some subtle form of the same universe and even the most recent have tied so well into the others even though they are so long apart from each other.

I love well made movies and so often many of them slip through the cracks of time and work. I enjoy watching good movies and even shows like Star Gate SG-1 but just don't have the time to do as much of it with all my writing. The cost of having to actually pursure a dream as well as work for a living.

Have fun.