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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Digital TV and the converters

Time is running out so you better get your converters soon, or at least start looking. And do send in those requests for the converter box coupons before they run out.

Okay they are not going to run out but I do know that some of the companies have had a hard time just keeping some of these on store shelves. Zenith is one such product and their Digital to Analog converter DTX900 is selling faster than they can manufacture so keeping them on stores shelves at Radio Shack is difficult. And do wait till you are sure of which converter you want because the coupons do have an expiration date on them, they are good for 90 days and have a date right on the card.

But I do have the inside track on one and should be getting it for review very soon. So check my site for that review as well as a few others I am getting and will be reviewing soon.

I do believe I will be receiving one from Channel Master as well and I will be using a couple of coupons for relatives to help them purchase theirs as well. Of course I will also be helping them set them up and figure out how to use them so I may as well do a review on 'em as well.

One thing that is nice about this whole coupon and DTV thing is there are plenty of people out there now looking for the same thing and I just love being able to help you make up your mind and get the right converter for your needs.

That is the one thing I truly enjoy about reviewing, helping other make a purchase decision and when friends ask what my opinion is I really get a warm feeling way down deep when I am able to help them out.

Wait, that may just be the acid reflux, where did I put those Tums.