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Monday, March 23, 2009

Too Many Apps, Get a Life

With so many people stuck to or have one stuck in their ear the current trend of Apps for cell phones is putting way too much emphasis on cell phones. I cannot stand when people are driving around talking on their cell phone, this is so dangerous.

But when people are walking around the store doing their shopping and gabbing to others that is just ridiculous. People need to pay attention to their current situation and not gabbing away talking to someone while they're doing other things.

Cell phones are great and very useful but it's just stupid to wander around a store or drive around and talk. I don't care what anyone says, you are not paying full attention to what you are doing if you are also talking on a cell phone.

Now we have all kinds of useless apps for our cell phones. Life will not be easier because we can search the internet at lightning speeds while driving around or order a pizza while on our way to pick it up only to end up in a fender bender while trying to decide if we want pepperoni or sausage.

What we need is a phone that shuts off if we are in public or moving faster than a slow walk.