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Sunday, April 4, 2010

iPad, All The Hype

I have been following all the hype and hoopla about the release of the Apple iPad and snickering in my own private way.

While as a techy I have envied those that did receive one and would really protect and cherish it if I did get one for reviewing you gotta love the guys that did get one and tossed it around. PCWorld went so far as to stress test one and uploaded the video to their site which you can see here: Apple iPad Stress Test.

I think those that are buying it only because its the next best Apple or just expensive product need to have their head examined by a professional but it does have its uses. But a product that can go so bad so quickly on more than one occasion does make one think that it may not be the great thing Apple is pushing.

David Letterman couldn't get his to work right live on his show and even a few drops onto carpeting is enough to start the RMA process for repairs. I won't even get into washing the coffee off the iPad or the baseball, Apple aficionados may not want to watch the video.