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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Chuckles and grins

I recently heard about the problems that blogger Chuckles is having with his job. Apparently he used to work in a video store and after having a personnal visit by a celebrity he blogged about it. The celebrity is MSNBC's Tucker Carlson of CNN's Crossfire fame. The back and forth firestorm that is common after a blogger starts in on someone that is higher on the food chain of public opinion is a great example of why bloggers need to watch what they are doing. Never, ever mention someone that, as I said earlier ,is higher on the public food chain in a blog before considering the consequences. Yes, you can get page views but you can also get fired. I find it laughable that someone would expect nothing less than getting fired from a job where you start publicly mentioning day to day activities of a customer on a blog. Customers, whether they are the guy or girl next door or someone who has their own TV show deserve some kind of normal life and he is probably doing what he thinks is right. The store just wants to keep things civil and the blogger, Chuckles, is getting what he may deserve by not thinking about his actions. I feel that no matter how much a person like a celebrity puts themselves out in the public eye they still deserve and have every right to expect a personal life and not be hounded by reporters. To be blogged and hounded on the internet is just as bad and you get what you deserve when you start in on someone without thinking of the consequences.


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